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Can I Beat A DUI Charge?

In a word, yes. Now the explanation; if the facts of your case reveal that a mistake was made in the way your breath, blood or urine test was handled, a mistake was made in the way you were pulled over and stopped or the police failed to follow protocol after they pulled you over, in the hands of an experienced DUI attorney, your case could be dismissed or reduced to something less than a DUI. The most effective way of beating a DUI is being able to prove the lack of probable cause for the police to pull you over and stop you in the first place. All evidence that is obtained from the result of an illegal stop will be suppressed and inadmissible against you. With no evidence, the state cannot prove their case against you. The case will therefore either be withdrawn or dismissed.

If the police did have probable cause to pull you over, but they did not follow proper procedure when administering your breath test, such as using faulty equipment or not waiting the proper amount of time before giving you the breath alcohol level test, the results of your breath test will be suppressed and will be inadmissible against you. This will usually result in a reduction of the charges, unless the officer's testimony that you looked or sounded impaired carries more weight with the judge or jury.

You can beat a DUI charge, depending on the facts of your case. Contact a qualified and experienced DUI attorney to find out more information. Contact the Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant today to discuss your case in detail and learn if you might be able to beat your DUI.