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If you or a loved-one has been arrested and charged with a DUI, you may have a lot of questions concerning the charges, trial and sentencing. If the charge is a felony DUI you may be wondering what constitutes a felony as opposed to a misdemeanor charge. At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, a San Jose Felony DUI attorney can do more than just answer your questions; they can also help you get started on building a dedicated defense for your legal challenge. In the state of California, the district attorney may choose to charge an individual with felony DUI if any of the following circumstances prevailed:

  • Any individual other than the person being charged sustained bodily injury due to the DUI offense.
  • The individual being charged has had at least one prior charge on their record of a felony DUI.
  • The individual being charged has had 4 or more DUIs within a 10 year period.

How Your Charges are Determined

Depending on what county you were arrested in, the district attorney will determine if the DUI with injuries rises to the level of a felony. It is important to make sure you work with a DUI defense attorney who is familiar with the courts and prosecutors in that county. Prior felony and 4th DUI can also be up to the discretion of the district attorney as to whether or not it will be charged as a felony. Because there is room for debate, this allows for the possibility of a plea bargain on your behalf by a well-versed and proven DUI defense attorney.

At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. we take the privilege of representing you very seriously. Our goal is to bring committed legal assistance to support you as you seek to achieve the optimum results for your DUI charges. Our firm is dedicated to providing all of the necessary time and resources to make your legal process go as smoothly as possible. Don't hesitate to contact a DUI lawyer at our office to get the trusted legal advice that you deserve.

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