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DUI License Suspensions in California

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It can be extremely difficult functioning in day to day life without a vehicle. License suspensions go hand in hand with DUI convictions, and this makes obtaining knowledgeable legal counsel a must if you have been charged with DUI. You are urged to contact an attorney for fast acting defense on your behalf. At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq., we have extensive experience defending individuals accused of DUI and facing serious penalties, including lengthy license suspensions.

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Restriction of Driving Privileges

For a first DUI offense, you face losing your driver's license for up to 6 months. On a second or third DUI, you could lose your license for two to four years per conviction. Once the revocation period ended, you would need to complete a nine-month DUI course before your license could be reinstated. If you refuse to take a blood or breath test upon being pulled over by law enforcement, your license is automatically suspended.

The good news is that you are entitled to a DMV hearing, if the hearing request is made within 10 days of the DUI arrest. The DMV will then have to prove their case against you. Attorney Arant has intimate understanding of state law pertaining to DUI cases, and can skillfully pursue reinstatement of your driver's license.

Importance of Acting Quickly

Our firm's lead San Jose DUI attorney cares deeply about the welfare of our clients. There are a number of defenses we can potentially utilize to protect your freedom and future. If you have been charged with DUI, however, time is a factor. The sooner you can get trusted representation working on your case the better chance you have for a positive outcome.

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