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DUI Traffic Stops in San Jose, CA

Tell Our Firm Why You Were Arrested

If you were stopped and subsequently arrested and charged with a DUI and believe that you were initially pulled over illegally, an experienced San Jose DUI attorney from our firm can immediately launch a thorough investigation into the facts concerning your arrest. If you were illegally stopped we can protect your rights.

If law enforcement stops you and observes you acting erratically and smells alcohol on your breath, he or she may arrest you on those issues alone. However, if it can be proven that there was no justifiable reason for you to have been stopped in the first place, this improper procedure could be the basis for having all evidence obtained against you during that potentially illegal stop are thrown out.

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What if There Was No "Probable Cause" for Pulling You Over?​​

The police officer must provide "specific articulable facts" that a crime is or was taking place before he can initiate a traffic stop. If all evidence is inadmissible, the case is ultimately dismissed, as the state cannot sustain their burden of proof. It is singularly the most effective defense to a DUI charge. Often, when the evidence is closely examined and evaluated for legal sufficiency by an experienced DUI attorney, an effective argument can be made that the police did not have probable cause.

Probable Cause Hearing

Our attorneys have made this argument successfully in what is known as a PC 1538.5 probable cause hearing and depending on the facts of your case, we could do the same for you. Contact our attorneys today for a free initial consultation and a review of your case to see if we can help you avoid a conviction for DUI in San Jose or the surrounding areas. We are committed to seeing that the law is enforced in a fair and just manner. We believe that the legal rights of those charged with a crime should be of paramount importance in the court's determination of their case.

Your Rights in a DUI Traffic Stop

It is mandatory that law enforcement officers follow exact procedure during the traffic stop, arrest and charging in a DUI case. When those procedures are not followed to the letter of the law, the legal professionals at our firm will find those errors and use them to your benefit.

At The Law Office of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. we have a proven track record of advocating for a successful outcome for our clients' legal needs. Our firm takes pride in the privilege of representing you and we will devote our extensive resources, experience and knowledge to advocating for you.

We will work tirelessly to find the necessary information that may lead to a reduction or dismissal of your DUI charges when you contact our legal team.

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