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DUI Drug Defense Attorney in San Jose

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

If you were arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs the representation of an experienced attorney form our firm can help you to fight those charges and may even be able to get you a reduction or dismissal of your charges. Whether you are charged with driving under the influence of over-the-counter, prescription or illegal drugs, illegally obtained tests results can become inadmissible in court and this could be to your great benefit.

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Make Sure that a Thorough Investigation is Completed

Although a law enforcement officer only has to observe erratic or impaired behavior on your behalf in order to arrest you once you have been stopped, if it can be proven that there was no justified reason to stop you in the first place, your case could get thrown out. If all of the proper procedures in your arrest and booking were not followed, or if mistakes were made in the administration of a breath or blood test, certain evidence that could have been used by the prosecutor may not be allowed in court.

You need a lawyer well-versed in California DUI and DUI of drugs to start an investigation into the details of all aspects of your case in order to launch a dedicated defense against your charges. The legal professionals at our firm will immediately spring into action to explore every detail of your case including eye witness testimony and review of all arrest and booking information.

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Unparalleled Legal Service

At The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. we take pride in bringing the best possible defense to your aid. We understand that this can be a confusing and overwhelming process for you. That is why we are committed to devoting all of the necessary time, energy and resources we have to advocating for you. We take pride in the privilege of representing you and promise to go that extra mile in seeking a reduction or dismissal of your DUI charges.

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