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Planning for the future can be confusing on the surface, and intimidating once you begin considering the legal aspects of it. Estate planning can help you put everything in place, and probate and trust litigation are needed for when it actually comes time to act on those plans. With The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, you can get all the legal assistance and representation you need, no matter what lies on the path ahead of you and your family.

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  • Estate planning: Everyone should have an estate plan in place to decide what to do with their possessions, assets, and responsibilities after they pass away. Estate planning as a whole is comprised of a variety of legal tools, such as wills, powers of attorney, guardianship designations, and so on. Our San Jose estate planning lawyers are here to help you make sense out of it all and use the legal tools that best benefit your situation.
  • Probate: Before the final wishes outlined in a will – or last will and testament – can be acted upon, such as distributing inheritances to named beneficiaries, a court must review and validate it in most cases. Probate is the official process of a will review before a court. It might be difficult to avoid probate, but with the right legal guidance, it should be possible to expedite it.
  • Trust and Probate litigation: Trusts can be used in an estate plan to replace some or all of the purposes of a will and avoid probate, but they are not without their own complications. When an issue arises due to a trust, a will or lack thereof, any dispute amongst the trustees, executor and beneficiary may lead to litigation.

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Whenever our San Jose estate planning attorneys are called upon, we take the case to heart. We know that your future comfort and wellbeing and that of your loved ones can all be hanging in the balance during probate, trust litigation, and estate planning processes. You will find that we act with the appropriate urgency and focus in response. Find out more about our services by calling (408) 692-7321 today to request a free case evaluation.

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