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Will I Go To Jail For My DUI?

Understand the Consequences

Ultimately, it is important to understand that while jail is a potential consequence if convicted of a DUI in California, with the right DUI defense strategy, you can avoid this. There are no guarantees, but Attorney Adam Arant has extensive experiencing all manner of DUI charges. He is capable and prepared to fight to protect your rights no matter how complicated the case may be.

What Are the Potential Penalties if I Am Convicted?

If there is no bodily injury or death to another, for your first DUI offense, you will spend at least 48 hours in jail or have your license restricted for 90 days. In addition, your first DUI comes with fees of roughly $1,800, a $500 three-month alcohol treatment program, and the loss of your driver's license for at least 30 days. At most, you can be forced to spend six months in county jail for a first offense, on top of nearly $4,000 in penalties and a six-month license suspension and impounding of your vehicle at your expense.

Get in touch with our aggressive San Jose DUI defense lawyer to protect your future and your freedom from any jail time at all.

What if I Have Multiple DUI Offenses?

The consequences for multiple offenses include the following:

  • A second DUI conviction within 10 years of the first will get you 10 days or 96 hours in jail at minimum, one year at most, on top of the fines and suspension of your license for two years.
  • For a third offense, you will be spending between 120 days and a year in prison. Depending on your conviction record, if you kill or injure another while your blood alcohol is over 0.08% you could go to jail for up to five years.

If you have been arrested for DUI in San Jose, you owe it to yourself fully understand your legal options and to try and work out a plea bargain with the prosecution. While an attorney shouldn't make promises they can't keep, an experienced lawyer may be able to reduce your charges and your penalties.

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If you have been arrested for DUI and need legal advice and representation, The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant, Esq. is here to do all we can to get you the best result possible.

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