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  • Mr Arant was a true professional and delivered beyond my expectations while representing me.
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    “Mr Arant was a true professional and delivered beyond my expectations while representing me. He went above and beyond to advocate for me during the pretrial process and was able to reduce 2 felony DUI charges to 1 a misdemeanor wet and reckless. He was an answer to my prayers and truly changed my life for the better. Without him I these charges could have ended my career and I am grateful that he fought so diligently for me.”


  • Truly blessed by being represented by Mr. Arant.
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    “Through my prayers, Mr. Arant was the first name that I was lead to on the internet after searching for a lawyer under my own Christian faith. After reading Mr. Arant’s reviews I felt it in my heart that he was the right lawyer. We needed a lawyer that would represent my son that was on his third Dui. We needed a miracle to get him out of the legal problem he was facing. The whole situation impacted our family and stressed us out just thinking that our son would face jail time. Mr. Arant understood what we were facing and had compassion. He was dedicated from the first call through the end of the case without fail. We were extremely pleased with the results in my son's case. He was only sentenced to 18 days of weekend work program, down from the original 65 day offer, and absolutely no jail time! Mr. Arant was God’s master-piece that lead us to through this miracle. “Thank you” Mr. Arant for your hard work and dedication to my son’s case. It was absolutely appreciated! Whether you’re a Christian or not this lawyer is honest, compassionate, and most of all cares about you and your case. I highly recommend his services.”


  • He is the best attorney to hire trust me.
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    “Five star rating for Mr.Adam A Arant, He is the best attorney to hire trust me. He is on top of everything and extremely knowledgeable. Will always keep you posted on everything step by step. He helped me out on two cases and got me the best possible outcome. I will recommend his services to anyone looking for a great attorney. Thanks Adam.”


  • I would recommend him 100% to anyone who needs help
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    “Mr Adam Arant is the best humble attorney if you need one; his knowledge, his personality and his attitude helps resolve the case. He gave me very accurate information and advise that i needed for the legal case; he is very passionate and thorough. I am very grateful for his knowledge of the matter and his way of handling the case. I was in a very tough spot and he was there every step of my case and talked to me and coached me of what to expect and what will happen. He answered all my calls and emails promptly and assured me all the steps of the process and the outcome. I would recommend him 100% to anyone who needs help and is accused of actions without proof and any other inaccurate allegations. Mr. Arant helps serve Justice.”


  • No one better to have in your corner.
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    “I cannot thank Adam enough for everything he has done for our family. Not only did he represent my son with compassion and professionalism, but worked with us every step of the way, guiding us through unfamiliar territory to obtain the best possible outcome. He was never judgmental or dismissive and he understood that the whole family was impacted by the situation. He answered our calls right away and understood the worry a parent faces when their child makes a mistake. He is honest, caring, knowledgeable and a person you can rely upon and trust. I am so grateful to have found him and I highly recommend Adam Arant. No one better to have in your corner.”


  • I was able to continue working with a peace of mind.
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    “First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Adam Arant. I didn’t know what to do when I got into some legal trouble. To my luck, the first person I contacted was Adam, who made the whole process easy for me. He explained the case to me, the possible outcomes of the case and that he would help me throughout the whole process. He took care of all the paperwork, court hearing and court appearance for me. With all his help, I was able to continue working with a peace of mind until a final decision was made in court. He got the charges reduced and provided me with all the necessary paperwork to help me after the case was closed. I was able to easily contact Adam via phone, email and text during and after the case (that’s right, he continues to help when you have questions). Thank you so much Adam for helping me during this difficult time.”


  • I could not have asked for a better lawyer!
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    “Mr. Arant provided professional and extensive support during my DUI process. I contacted him within two days of the incident and I was immediately set at ease by his knowledge and confidence. I was involved in a bad accident, although no injuries, and was extremely scared. He handled my case independently, yet kept me informed about each step of the way. Mr. Arant scheduled and attended all of my court dates, leaving me to continue living my life with the confidence that he was covering all bases. He has established relationships that helped ensure that my case was heard and my character was presented as part of my case. Mr. Arant gave me sound advice and provided me with all materials and contacts for my responsibilities. I was honestly surprised at how well my case turned out, considering the circumstances. Due to his practices and relationships, he was able to lower my sentence far below the prosecutor's offer. I avoided jail and my work days were cut in more than half of the initial offer. My probation is the lowest available for a DUI and my class requirements are the minimum. What I appreciate most is that I did not lose my license for an extended period. I will be eligible to drive and get on with my busy life in less than a month! I now have all the information and resources I need to fulfill my obligations and get back to my life, putting this behind me. Mr. Arant demonstrates genuine concern for my safety and well being. I understand next steps and what the consequences will be if I do not respect the laws and my probation. I could not have asked for a better lawyer for my DUI. I will recommend him to anyone for any of his services. If you need a confident lawyer that follows through and really works for his clients, this is who you call! Thank you so much for everything! I finally feel like I can get on with life and put this behind me!”


  • Life Saver
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    “First off I would like to say that Adam saved my life. I was detained for a DUI early 2015 and just had no clue what to do about it. I had looked around at some other attournies prior to picking Adam but they just did not seem to have the same passion and drive that Adam has. After meeting him I knew he was the man for the job. After a few court dates and talks with the DA he had managed to get my DUI dismissed, Yes, you read that correctly. DISMISSED. If you are ever in the need for a DUI Lawyer Adam is the guy to call!”


  • You believed in me and you fought my case with the professionalism & integrity that an attorney should have.
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    “Dear Mr. Arant, Let me take this time to personally thank you for a job well done. When I was looking for an attorney I was looking for someone that would believe in me, fight for me and had strong ethics. You were the answer to my prayers. You believed in me and you fought my case with the professionalism and integrity that an attorney should have. You made your office open to me, being centrally located to where I live and I could get in touch with you by email or cell. You always answered my questions and you were always there by my side. You treated me with respect and always had a kind word to say to me. All these things meant so much to me. You are an excellent attorney. Keep up the good work and the faith you have in people. You are destined to do good things in this world. Again, thank you very much. Result: Charged with a DUI based on a combination of a BAC and Xanax. Adam was able to get the client a full dismissal of all charges by the DA.”


  • Mr. Arant was accommodating and excellent to work with.
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    “The results were satisfactory and Mr. Arant was accommodating and excellent to work with. He was knowledgeable of the case and fully informed me of the options and possibilities. He understood my legal needs and his office was conveniently located. I would highly recommend his services to others.”


  • Mr. Arant understood my situation and walked me through the process with compassion.
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    “Mr. Arant was absolutely supportive from minute one. He would be my first choice recommendation to family and friends. Adam used knowledge of the law, experience and prowess in the courtroom to get the best offer possible. Mr. Arant understood my situation and walked me through the process with compassion. I felt like his only client though I know quite well that is not the case. Mr. Arant understood my situation and walked me through the process with compassion. He was very flexible to accommodate my schedule and his office is practically on the freeway off-ramp. I have already recommended Adam to my friends. Result: Client had a BAC of well over two times the limit, but Adam was able to get his sentence down to a few days of community service, standard fines / probation and only the level one DUI school.”


  • Mr. Arant was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to my needs in such a stressful time.
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    “Dear Mr. Arant, I am writing in so I can let others know of my positive experience with your firm. You were a pleasure to work with and very accommodating to my needs in such a stressful time. I was very happy with the results you obtained for me. You were knowledgeable of the case and you always fully informed me of my options and possibilities throughout the process. You were compassionate to my legal needs and went above and beyond to take care of any additional items I needed or any questions I had. Your office location was convenient and you made time after hours to meet with me. I would absolutely recommend your service to others. I appreciate all of your help in my matter and thank you for your understanding and support! Result: Although the client was facing a full DUI, Adam was able to obtain a "Wet Reckless Driving" infraction for the client.”


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