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Civil Litigation

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Civil litigation can encompass a wide variety of legal topics. As long as two parties have a disagreement that cannot be resolved on their own, there is a chance it could be taken to court for a civil claim. The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant emphasizes on personal injury claims, landlord-tenant claims, and temporary restraining orders.

  • Injury claims: Often called a personal injury claim or a tort, this case type involves one party causing physical, financial, or reputational harm to another party. The injured party will seek monetary compensation in return. An injury claim can be as direct as a car accident case, or as abstract as a slander or libel case.
  • Landlord-tenant cases: There are many ways in which conflicts can arise between landlords and the tenants who rent their property. Landlord-tenant disputes do not necessarily contain a business contract or any criminal element, and so they are often resolved in civil litigation.
  • Civil Harassment/Temporary Restraining Orders

Legal Counsel for High-Stakes Civil Litigation Cases

With The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant on your side, you can move forward in your civil litigation case with confidence. We have the legal experience and knowledgeability needed to manage essentially any sort of civil claim. If you deserve damages, we were pursue them to the fullest. If you need another party to behave differently, we know what it takes to convince the court of your argument. When everything is considered, we are the fighters you want on your side.

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