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Milpitas DUI Attorney

We Are Prepared to Defend Your DUI Case

Although California DUI laws can be complex and difficult to successfully make one's way through, a knowledgeable Milpitas DUI lawyer who understands the court process may make the difference between success and failure in your case. Breath and blood tests, field sobriety tests, DUI traffic stops and other law enforcement procedures are not infallible. In trying a case, prosecutors can and do make mistakes. Even in cases where the evidence is thoroughly convincing, there are DUI defense methods which can lessen the severity of the penalties you may face.

If you have been charged with a DUI of any type, from a first DUI offense to multiple DUI or a felony crime like vehicular manslaughter, you will want to know, "What are my rights?" and what happens from this point on. To obtain the most favorable result that can be achieved in your case, you will also want to be represented by a firm that is ethical and willing to do the hard work needed to defend the charges against you.

The legal team at The Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant is dedicated to serving you at a time when you need committed, professional legal help the most.

We know that when you retain us, we have been entrusted with your future freedoms and the safeguarding of your rights under the law. In order to accomplish this, we become involved with your case at the very start, as soon as you have been arrested. Many times, our early entry into a case can result in charges being dismissed or reduced and can work to prevent needless and costly mistakes.

The laws in California Vehicle Code sections 23152 (a) and (b) plus several others will determine how the court will view your case and the actions to be taken against you. One of the first will be a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) hearing regarding your privilege to drive. When you were arrested, your driver's license was confiscated as a routine procedure.

You have a very limited amount of time in which to request a DUI license suspension hearing before the DMV to prevent loss of your driving privileges for a long period. Our Milpitas DUI attorney prepares for this hearing on your behalf, represents you during the proceedings, and sets several goals to achieve. The first is to prevent a license suspension when this is at all possible. The second is that this hearing allows us to get a good look at the evidence against you and the testimony of the arresting officer. Many times, this can prove invaluable to the final result we achieve in your case.

Why You Need a Milpitas DUI Attorney

The license suspension procedure is wholly separate from the criminal case against you which will proceed regardless of the results of your DMV hearing. We investigate your charges and conduct a complete review of police evidence, witness statements, why you were stopped in the first place and other information vital to successful criminal defense. Sometimes, in-person review of the site of your arrest can reveal other factors, such as inadequate lighting or signage or poorly maintained roads which could have led to driving that appeared to be influenced by alcohol or drugs.

Common DUI myths, such as there is no way to defend a DUI arrest, can make an uninformed individual ask, "Do I need a DUI lawyer?" Prosecutors would like to see more people attempt to defend themselves against DUI charges as it would make their job much easier. Milpitas is part of a country wide campaign to drastically reduce the number of DUI arrests during holiday periods and prosecutors are eager to penalize those found guilty.

If you were arrested, you may feel that it is simpler to plead guilty and get this uncomfortable incident behind you. Unfortunately, the penalties for conviction on DUI include probation, community service, stiff fines, attendance at mandatory alcohol awareness classes, loss of your driver's license, a criminal record and time spent in jail or prison.

At times, you will be ordered by the court to place an ignition interlock device on your car or truck. On the other hand, fighting your case may result in charges being dismissed or lessened or a finding of not-guilty in a court of law. The quality of your life in the months and years to come is at stake and we want you to have the best opportunity for a favorable conclusion to your case.

Contact a Milpitas DUI attorney to learn how a DUI case proceeds, what your rights are and your best chance for a favorable outcome.

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