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Why You Should Choose Adam Allen Arant as Your DUI Law Firm


When you are charged with a DUI, you need to hire a hardworking attorney right away. There is no time to waste when you are charged with this crime. Failing to take action could result in license suspension, jail time, or hefty fines that are difficult to afford. At Adam Allen Arant, we focus on personalized service. We understand that you are probably shaken by this accusation and are fearful about what is to come. That’s why you will want someone sensitive and understanding to come alongside you. An attorney from Adam Allen Arant can fulfill that role. The layers at this firm are dedicated to representing all types of DUI cases. Whether this is a subsequent DUI or you have been charged with an underage DUI, we can stand by your side when you go to trial.

We also help men and women who have been accused of theft crimes in the Fremont and San Jose areas, and those who have been charged with a felony DUI. Adam Allen Arant is a professional and dedicated attorney who received his Juris Doctor from the University of California, Davis School of law. After this, he was selected into the Milton L. Schwartz American Inn of Court and the Moot Court Program. In school, Mr. Arant was well-known for his willingness to take on hard tasks and work diligently on the work set before him. In fact, he was on the Dean’s List every semester in college and received the Citation for Academic Excellence at the University of California, Davis when studying for a Bachelor of Arts in History.

Before Adam Allen Arant chose to open up his own law practice, he worked with a Sacramento law firm under the name Diepenbrock Harrison. He practiced civil and business litigation at the firm, but chose to progress to the area of DUI defense shortly after. He has been an active member of the State Bar of California since June of 2007. Mr. Arant stresses the importance of treating you as an individual. He understands that you are probably in a difficult place at this point in your life, and you need someone who can come alongside you and help you in every way possible. Check out his profile on if you want more information about Mr. Arant can help you in your DUI case. According to Justia, Mr. Arant has spent 5 years working in law. His HG profile further elaborates on this if you need more information.

Avvo shows that Adam Allen Arant is wonderful at displaying professional conduct when dealing with clients, and works in both criminal and DUI law for those that he is dealing with. Because of his versatility, Mr. Arant is the convenient choice if you have been charged with multiple crimes stemming from a DUI. For example, if you were caught driving under the influence and the police discovered that you were in possession of illegal narcotics this would mean you will be tried for both crimes. Mr. Arant is able to represent you based on both illegal actions, and has the knowledge to defend you based on all these charges.

When you are looking for quality representation, you also want someone who is close by. That way you can make all last-minute appointments and be in constant communication with your lawyer. Lucky for you, Adam Allen Arant Law covers a large area. We serve clients in the Newark, San Jose, and Union City. We can attend any DMV hearings in these areas as well as any court trials.

We will also challenge the prosecution on any false claims and will alert them on any issues that don’t seem to be matching up. For example, in many cases the breath tests that are used by police officers are faulty and will register a higher BAC than the suspect actually possessed at the time he or she was pulled over. Also, the police may not have handled the arrest right. They may have lied to the suspect or failed to read him his Miranda Rights. If there is any questionable activity than a defense attorney has the right to challenge it. Even if you are proven to be guilty of a DUI, then Adam Allen Arant won’t give up on your case.

Instead, he will develop a plea bargain or argue about the circumstances in which the DUI was discovered. There is often a possibility that you will be able to reduce your sentences and avoid jail time or hefty fines in favor of an easier sentence like DUI school attendance or community service. If you refused to take a blood or breath test at the time of your arrest, the court may suggest that you are put on a license suspension for about 6 months. If this happens in your case, then you will need a lawyer to accompany you to your DMV hearing to argue against this punishment.

The consequences of a DUI are far-reaching. In addition to the typical punishments, there are social and occupational repercussions. For example, if you are charged with a DUI it may affect your employment, especially if you work in law enforcement or in a position of leadership. As well, your DUI may affect relationships as you are embarrassed and others are shocked at your behavior. You may find that your insurance will skyrocket, and you may need to pay to recover your impounded car or to obtain an ignition interlock device if this is mandated as part of your punishment.

One reason that Attorney Adam Allen Arant is effective with his clients is because he negotiates with the prosecution before allowing his client’s to be formally charged with their crimes. This smart tactic has helped Arant to help two clients in San Jose recently, and countless others in the past. Read more about this wise tactic here. If you want to hire Adam Allen Arant to work on your DUI or criminal defense case, then you need to start by calling the firm at (88) 392-9378. You are entitled to a free DUI consultation with our firm, and can begin the process by filling out this online case evaluation form. Our San Jose Office is located at 2131 Alameda Suite B San Jose, CA 95126, and our Fremont office is located at 3911 Paseo Padre Pkway #203 Fremont, CA 94538. Don’t hesitate to call or visit our office today to get started on your case!