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What Are The Penalties for a DUI?


The penalties associated with a conviction of DUI in California include possible jail time, fines and costs, the suspension or revocation of your driver's license, and the requirement to install what is called an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. An ignition interlock device is a device which measures your blood alcohol concentration by testing your breath. If you test positive for alcohol, the device locks your ignition and the vehicle cannot be started.

The penalties vary and increase with each successive DUI. The first DUI carries with it anywhere from 4 days to 6 months in jail, fines and costs of $1,400 to $2,600, a license suspension of 30 days to 6 months, and an interlock device depending on what county your case is in.

A second DUI will involve 10 days to 1 year of jail time if you are convicted. The fines and costs are anywhere from $1,800 to $2,800. You can expect a driver's license suspension of 2 years, except in some limited situations, 1 year. Finally, no matter what county you are in California, a second DUI requires an interlock device to be installed.

A third DUI will result in a minimum mandatory term of jail of 120 days and a maximum of 1 year. The fines and costs climb up to a possible $18,000, and a 3 year license suspension is automatic. Ignition interlock device is also required.

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