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Motorcycle, Boat or Plane DUI Charges


When dealing with DUI cases, many times people often limit the possibility to a person, who is behind the wheel of a car drunk, truck drivers included. What many people don’t tend to think of is the fact that driving under the influence can come in different forms as well, and that includes driving a motorcycle, boat or planes or even a bicycle while under the influence. What is important to realize though, is when a person is charged with a DUI there are specific laws that deal with a person operating a motor vehicle, and there are different laws when it involves motorcycles or boats and planes.

A DUI with anything other than a car still has the same 10 day window of opportunity in order to challenge those charges. It is imperative for any person who has been involved in a DUI charge to seek professional legal assistance immediately, because the charges may be severe. For example, when a pilot is accused of a flying under the influence, they are not only responsible for their own lives but also the lives of even 100 other people. If a pilot has any alcohol in their system above a 0.04% they are considered to be flying illegally and therefore subject to consequences.

For pilots, it is important to realize also, that if you are accused of a regular driving DUI charged, that also may have a negative effect on your piloting licensees. Any DUI charge is considered to be very serious, and if a person is convicted the consequences may range from fines, to suspended license, loss of employment as well as time behind bars depending on the specific situation. If you or someone you know has been accused of a DUI charge, contact The Law Offices of Adam Allen & Arant today for more information and to discuss your case. Don’t go without a fight, we want to help you!