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New Law in California Requires Repeat DUI Offenders Install In-Car Breathalyzers


woman blowing into breathalyzerThe state of California has decided to intensify its treatment of drunk drivers, and as of January 1st, 2019, more DUI offenders than ever before will be required to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicles if they want to keep their driving privileges.

In Car Breathalyzer

An ignition interlock device requires the driver to blow into the device before they can start their vehicle. If the breathalyzer detects alcohol in the driver’s breath, the car will not start. This is because the device locks the ignition if it reads a BAC above the legal limit.

An ignition interlock device is often referred to as a breathalyzer or IID. Ignition interlock devices also require drivers to take random tests while they are driving on the road. They also keep records of any violations that are later reported to authorities by state-authorized monitors.

As of January 1st, drivers convicted of a second DUI offense are required to install and use an interlock device on every vehicle they own or drive for one year. Third DUI offenders have to install and use the device for two years and a fourth offense mandates three years. First-time drunk drivers involved in car accidents are also required to install an interlock device.

It is important to note judges have the discretion to order an interlock for first-time offenses if they think the situation warrants it.

Breathalyzers have monthly fees that range between $60 and $80 and come with an initial installation fee that ranges from $70 to $150. There are also subsidies available for low-income offenders.

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