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SR-22 Requirements Following a DUI Charge


Filing an SR-22 is typical after being convicted of a very serious traffic violation, such as a DUI, for example. A DUI charge in California can carry a number of penalties if you are convicted. These might include losing your job, being charged with heavy fines, or even receiving a sentence in either jail or prison. Your license will may be suspended or revoked. Your license can be suspended for different periods of time, depending on how many offenses have occurred.

License suspension terms for each offense:

  • First offense: 30 days to 10 months
  • Second offense: 2 years (but can be reduced to 1 year)
  • Third offense: 3 years
  • Fourth offense: 4 years (if occurred within 10 months of the third offense)

You may need to file an SR-22 to verify that you are eligible for auto insurance liability coverage so that you may have your license reinstated, so long as it does get suspended or revoked.

What is SR-22 and what are the requirements to file?

SR-22 is also known as a certificate of insurance, but it is important to note that it is not your actual auto insurance policy. Rather, the certificate is proof that you are eligible for auto liability coverage and attests that you take financial responsibility for your driving. Filing can cost anywhere between $25 to 50. When the form is filled out, it is sent to the auto insurance company, who then files the SR-22 with the DMV. If you continue maintaining status three years after a conviction, then filing will no longer be required.

It is important that you should keep your auto insurance coverage up-to-date and make payments on time, as failing to do so can cause a lapse in coverage. Other ways your coverage can lapse is if you had a Good Driver Discount on your policy. The DUI conviction cancels this discount and may even cancel the insurance altogether. If there is a lapse in your coverage, your SR-22 status may be removed and you could face another license suspension term.

Filing SR-22 can be confusing, especially if you already feel overwhelmed by a DUI charge. Our firm can help! If you have any questions about your DUI charges in San Jose or filing the SR-22, you cannot afford to wait.

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