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Santa Barbara Councilwoman Sentenced for DUI


DUIs are embarrassing, especially if you are person that is in an authoritative position in your community. Former councilwoman Iya Falcone was convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol on Monday, October 29th. Her attorney pleaded no contest on her behalf, but Falcone’s blood alcohol level sealed the deal for her. She registered at a BAC of .24 on her first test and a .23 BAC on her second BAC test. Her first test results are three times the legal limit of .08. Falcone was ordered to pay $2,500 in fines and court fees as a result of her actions.

This is about $500 more than most DUI offenders need to pay. She was also commanded to attend more than nine months of alcohol school. Most offenders are only sentenced to three months of alcohol school, but local courts wanted to make an example of this public and political figure. The woman will also be forced to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings twice a week for the next month. She will be required to give four public lectures at schools or nonprofit organizations about the dangers that come with driving under the influence.

Falcone was discovered in her crime after she ran into a parked car in the Mesa Shopping Center on September 19th. Her attorney has refused to comment on the situation and is developing a defense in her favor in case there is an opportunity to appeal the harsh sentences. Falcone has apologized to the public for her actions. She says that she had two glasses of wine at a dinner and then took a strong medication. Between the two elements, she rendered a shockingly high BAC on the blood test.

She also allegedly bought a cocktail at a local café, according to the Mesa Café records. Falcone will have her license suspended as an additional punishment and will be allowed to apply for an unrestricted license after she completes nine months in alcohol school. If you are a public figure and you have been accused of a DUI then you will want a hardworking attorney on your side to help you get through your trial. Contact Adam Allen Arant today for more information!