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How To Prepare For Your Court Date


Being arrested and charged with DUI can be a very frightening experience, particularly if this is your 1st criminal offense. The DUI court process is an intimidating one and not one we recommend you attempt to navigate on your own. Hiring a DUI lawyer from the Law Offices of Adam Allen Arant will dramatically increase your chances of not only being fully prepared for your court date, but of achieving a successful outcome to your case. Adam, our founding lawyer, will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and take the time necessary to prepare you for your court date. At our firm, we work hard to provide those accused of DUI or DUI-related charges with a hard-hitting strategy which can be used in their defense. We want our clients to be able to retain their freedom by doing everything we can to help them avoid conviction.

Going to court is one of the most important steps in the DUI process. It is there that you will be given the opportunity to either have your case dismissed, get your charges reduced or take a plea bargain. There are cases in which a plea bargain may be the most effective strategy to help avoid serious penalties, and we will discuss this option with you during court preparations, if we feel it may be in your best interests. There are a lot of aspects which must be taking into consideration when preparing for your court date. How your case will proceed will be largely determined by the circumstances surrounding your case and the outcome you want to achieve. You are far more likely to achieve success if you are fully prepared for court and you have a skilled DUI lawyer advocating on your behalf. If you have an impending court date, we advise you speak with a San Jose DUI lawyer at our offices immediately.